TOSIBOX Lock 150 Remote Access

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  • Product Code: TOSR500
  • Product weight : 3.00 Pounds
  • Brand: TOSIBOX
  • Quantity:
Price: 148123 PKR

Product Description:

Product Features:

     The Lock 150 is an industrial router with firewall and secure Plug & Go™ connectivity. It serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections. IOT devices connected to the Lock can be securely accessed over the Internet and most LAN and WAN networks through an encrypted VPN connection.

    Main features

    • Simple build and manage secure IoT infrastructure in minutes
    • Secure, tested and audited security
    • Modular unlimited expandability and flexibility
    • Timeless deals with legacy and future systems
    • Unique globally patented point-to-point connection

    Mobile connection features

    • Supported 4G USB modem TOSBOX® 4G modem
    • TosiOnline™ Automatic network recovery that recovers from most mobile operator and modem problems


    • RJ-45 Cat6 Ethernet cable, USB extension cable
    • 2 x WLAN antennas, 2 dBi
    • AC Adapter: Input 100-240V a.c., frequency 47–63Hz, Output 12V, 0.6A, max 7.2W
    • UK power socket
    • DC input plug