MicroNourish Core Micronutrients (120 Caps) – Supports Focus, Mental Clarity & Calm – Premium Daily Minerals, Vitamins & Amino Acids, Optimized for Absorption

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Product Features:

    • FIND YOUR FOCUS (TM). MicroNourish Core Micronutrients is a premium multinutrient formula consisting of 16 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids, 3 antioxidants and a proprietary blend of plant nutrients designed to support mood, focus and energy balance by addressing essential trace-element deficiencies.
    • You may particularly benefit from MicroNourish Core Micronutrients if you are:
    • + Seeking greater mood balance, mental clarity and calmer eating, energy
    • + Are looking for a strong nutritional foundation from a trusted source
    • + Seeking support for digestive equilibrium and ease (see also: MicroNourish Probiotics and MicroNourish Digestive Enzymes)


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