People never share their beauty secrets to enjoy the fell of superiority and this is so mean. But no worries, we are here to tell you the beauty secrets for your skin care routine. These tips are extracted from the views of dermatologist, beauty routines of celebrities and inspired by the ideas of beauty experts. They are not only developed idea but also tried and tested by so many people.

Can You Trust?

The before and after effects of these tips show that they are actually working. Most of them are such that you can do without skin care products in Pakistan. Some of them need some products that you can easily have from skin care products online in Pakistan. 

Make sure if you are going for skin care products online shopping in Pakistan, you pick high quality items as it is the matter of beauty and you cannot take a risk. Other skin care products in Pakistan can be of low quality that you cannot trust.

So, lets learn about those skin care ideas.

Never squeeze a pimple

It always leaves a mark on your skin that is stubborn. You should not touch your skin frequently. We all are touching things all around and there are so many bacteria on our hands. If you touch an area that is inflamed already, with dirty hands, it can go worst. You can only pop the pimples when they are swelled with shite head on the top and that with washed and clean hands. Then, clean that area with an antiseptic so the germs of the pimple do not spread on the face.

In case you have squeezed the pimples and having marks on your face, you can use some product to remove the mark. Anti-acne creams online in Pakistan by top brand can help you in removing acne spots and marks.

Washing your face before sleep

Get a good face wash online shopping in Pakistan that is suitable to your skin. Make a habit of washing your face before going to sleep. Apply the cleaner with your fingertips in circular motion for about one minute. Then wash your face with luke warm water. Make sure that all the makeup is removed from the skin and the pores are clean.

Dirt or beauty products’ particles in skin pores are big cause of pimples and discoloration if the skin. A clean face is itself a night beauty regime but it can be better if you use a good night cream or serum. You can get a high-quality toner or night cream online in Pakistan in best price for your beauty sleep. A moisturizer in night is also a good option.

Also, wash your face after sweating. Sweat has bacteria and it grab dirt and dust from the atmosphere. It is not good to let the face dry after sweating. 

Sleep Well

Bedtime is great for baby soft skin. You should have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Dermatologists say that skin has the ability to repair itself at night. A retinol, night cream or moisturizer can help in a better way.

Never mix more products

You are completely wrong if you are thinking that using an exfoliator, cream, peel, serum and toner at a time can give you a better skin. You should never mix them rather use one at a time. Using all at once give no effect but too much chemicals can damage the skin. For example, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide cannot be used together. You can only use one of them.

Using products one after the other can clog the pores and different ingredients together are also not good. While we are using so many products at once just because someone told us. The best skin care products online shopping in Pakistan should be hence a wise decision. 

Sunblock is the best idea

Never forget to apply an SPF before going out. It is a must have beauty and skin care product for the skin as it protects the skin from UV rays and damage. SPF is also hydrating. It prevents skin cancer caused by sun rays and aging also. If you want to avoid a sunblock look you can add it into a moisturizer and bronzer. 

Do not go for expensive dermatological products

Even the dermatologists themselves agree that they recommend and prescribe expensive products to satisfy the patients. They are no more effective than any ordinary high-quality product. You can pick any good item from Neutrogena, Oriflame, NYX, Ponds or other top beauty brand and that would be as effective as that expensive medicated product. So, a professional advice is that do not buy an ultra-expensive lotion or skin care product.  

Apply Skin care products from thin to thick

If you opt for makeup you should always apply a thin layer first as it absorbs in the skin. You can use a toner, serum or primer that is water like. It should be followed by a good face oil or moisturizer with a thin layer. Moisturizer or oil creates a barrier on the skin and the makeup particles do not interact with the skin. Now you can apply your makeup. You can find top brands skin care products online in Pakistan for your skin tone and complexion.

Ice for face

Apply ice on the skin tighten the pores and give your skin a smooth appearance. It is a good remedy for those having open or visible pores. Also, if there is hot outside, you should put all of your skin care products in refrigerator. Using cold products on the skin reduce the puffiness and give a soothing effect on the skin. Face masks are better and relaxing if chilled. Everything will be more refreshing this way. 

Never miss moisturizer

Petroleum jelly is easily available for online shopping in Pakistan. It is the best moisturizer ever. You can use any good moisturizer by Maybelline, Garnier, Ponds or other top brand to apply on your skin. Moisturizer is healing and protective for the skin. has original imported from Amazon skin care products in Pakistan for your shopping.

Do not over scrub

You should overcome the urge to scrub your skin over and over again. You should only use the scrub twice a week. Over scrubbing the skin open up the pores and widen them. Especially, if you are having a skin problem like acne, you should avoid scrub. It is good to prefer a natural and homemade scrub rather than using a chemical based. You can also do scrub online shopping in Pakistan.

Do not stress

Stress is not only bad for health but also for the skin. The skin starts aging fast if you are in stress. Some skin problems only develop due to stress like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Start your beauty regime from today and take care of the skin. Embrace your skin and forget about the complexion, first make it healthy and then try the best skin whitening cream in Pakistan if you want.


Daily Skin Care Routine Tips That no one will Tell You

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