Good vision means better performance. You need to take care of your eyes by taking some simple steps. You need to make a routine of eye care with the help of best eye care products in Pakistan. A maintained and good eye sight requires regular checkup also. But you can figure it out without checkup also. It depends on your vision. You need better eye care if you are having eye strain or pain. You should not take this for granted as once there is some problem, it does not go away easily.

You can have the best eye care products online in Pakistan but first you need to know what to do for eye care. Here are some tips for your personal eye care routine.

Eating Well

Eye care starts with your plate. A healthy food is not only good for maintained body weight and other personal care. The food matters a lot in eye care. A good and healthy food for eye should has omega-3, zinc, fatty acids, Vitamin E and vitamin C. Lutein is also good for eyes. Having foods with these ingredients also helps vision issues even if older. Eye problems that can be treated with food include muscular problems and cataracts and degeneration. There are also eye care supplements online in Pakistan that you can buy to help you. You should take;

  • Green vegetables and leaves especially spinach
  • Fish and fish oil including tuna and salmon
  • Proteins from non-meat sources like nuts, eggs and beans
  • Citrus fruits and their juices for vitamins

Quit Smoking Now

Smoking is not only dangerous for lungs but also for eyes. It is a major cause of muscle degeneration and damage to optic nerve. You can take help from external sources for quitting smoking. You can have hobbies online shopping in Pakistan for making you busy rather than smoking as most of the people smoke due to boredom and they have nothing else to do.

Polarized Sunglasses

Ultraviolet sun rays cause redness and pain in eye. It is common that people develop infections when they go out in sunlight without sunglasses. Using a good and high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses protects eyes from them by blocking sunrays. It reduces the glare of the sunlight while you are moving on the road. You can get a nice pair of quality lens polarized sunglasses online in Pakistan. 

As you need to pick a pair that is high quality to protect your eyes rather than damaging; you should select from imported Amazon sunglasses in best price. is providing this facility of sunglasses online shopping in Pakistan from imported collection.

Washing Eyes

As washing hands is important, so washing eyes is. You must wash your eyes while you return home. If you are using contact lens, you should always remove them with washed and clean hands and then wash your eyes. 

Do not rub your eyes

You should avoid rubbing your eyes especially when your hands are not washed. Also, if you are using any eye makeup product, you should not rub your eyes as it can go inside the eyes. Germs and chemicals can go into your eyes and damage them. 

Reducing Screen Time

First of all, if you are using a computer or a laptop, it should be at least 20cm away from your eyes. Increases screen time can cause

  • Dryness in eyes
  • Eye strain
  • Blurry vision
  • Headache
  • Trouble in focusing

You cannot cut the screen time completely from your life. We all are using computers at our home and work. But the working hours should not be exceeding than 6 hours. The exposure to high energy blue light damage the eyes.

  • Consider these tips for using screen.
  • Keep the screen a little below than eye level
  • Adjust screen light with the light in room
  • Minimize the glare of the screen
  • Blink often
  • Take short breaks and adjust your focus 
  • Use rose water or lubricant for your eyes

You can also take a good screen from computer accessories online in Pakistan to reduce glare of the screen. If you need to do computer glasses online shopping in Pakistan, you can also get them in best price.

Get Enough Sleep

It is another most important task to do in your routine. You should have a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours daily. You and your eyes can perform better in the morning with a sound sleep at night. If you need a sleeping mask or eye mask in Pakistan you can get that online at

A Hat

Wearing a hat is also good for your eye care as it also stops sunrays. If you are not using sunglasses you should use a hat. You cannot find them in eye care products online in Pakistan but can get one from apparel section. 

There is something in eye care products online in Pakistan that can be helpful in your eye care routine.

Vitamins and Minerals

Eye care supplements, vitamins and minerals have been developed for eye care. Some of them are the formulas to keep diabetes in control that might also be a reason for eye problems. Other eye care supplements online in Pakistan are those with the essential nutrients for eye care. 

Eye Care Products

In the collection of beauty products online in Pakistan you can find eye serum, eye gel and eye care beauty products to reduce eye bags, under eye dark circles and redness. These are some common problems people face in the morning. Puffiness, bags and dark circles not only damage the beauty but also not good for eyes. Do eye care products online shopping in Pakistan and enjoy healthy eyes.


Best Tips for Your Eye Care

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